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Where is a camera when you need one!!!

I was doing some grocery shopping ( I went after all and traffic was surprisingly good )

First of all, let me backtrack for a moment and explain to you my absolute unconditional love for grocery stores. They are absolutely amazing. You get to see people out in their natural element. You see survival of the fittest firsthand and old ladies and health nuts are battling it out for the last piece of fat free reduced-calorie sodium less lactose intolerant unpasteurized lifeless block of cheese.

I love it. I have written many papers, based on the events that have taken place in a grocery store, and am currently in the process of writing a play about buying sushi in a grocery store. It is the perfect setting in which to observe the joys and faults of humanity.

Now to my story. First, I grabbed 5 boxes of noodles from the top shelf because they are easy to eat for lunch at work. This guy saw me with all of these boxes in my hands and assumed that I worked at the place. So he asks me, “Excuse me, do you know where… oh wait you don’t work here.”

Me being the wonderful person that I am, offered my help anyway. The guy turned away, slightly embarrassed, and then I spoke clearly “What are you looking for sir?”

I guess he figured my help was better than the students that work at the grocery store, so he asked me for the mini bagels and I pointed him in the right direction.

He seemed happy though, and I was glad that I could help. Next, to my surprise as I am making my way toward the deli, from behind me rolls up a guy. He is wearing roller blades. Full knee and elbow pads, AND A HELMET! At the grocery store, and pushing his cart. I was amazed, it is such a good idea. I wonder if you are even allowed to do that at a grocery store?

Anyway, as you can see my experience at the grocery store was quite an exciting one. It always is.

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