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Wow it has been almost two months since I have written anything in here. I kept on intending too but never got around to it due to the pile of school work that continues to mount on my desk.

I am taking four classes right now and also working full time in Dialysis. I am also adding on another class next semester so just when you think that It can not get any worse - BAM three more credit hours.

It’s okay though. School is very interesting - I am stressed but am learning all sorts of amazing things. I am taking Intermediate Algebra, Biology, Biopsychology, and Social Psychology. March first I am going to also begin human health and disease. A lot of science classes! I wish I could supplement with some fun classes but I am all out of electives. So - no more fun for me. Time to buckle down and knock all of this out of the ballpark.

Next semester is going to be even worse - and so on until I graduate and then! Med school - life’s little gift to us all. :)

Anyway - if I am disappeared again for a few months you will know why. I will make attempts to write more. It keeps the brain going and that is always good.

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