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update 6/2/2024: this is from an extremely old blog that I wrote three posts on as I migrated from Xanga to Blogger and beyond. All of Xanga is lost, most of Blogger is also lost, but I’m happy to be able to find a couple of these little posts from my high school days.



" The Crucible " By: Arthur Miller (This is an awesome play, i have not really read many american plays but i am glad i picked this one up! Not only is it part of the summer reading list. It is just a great play all together, it takes a lot to capture the imagination of a 21st century student. This is one of the only plays that i have read for school that i really and truly enjoyed. I view it as entertainment instead of school work. Not to say that plays are bad. For Example, Shakespear is amazing from a literary point of view, but you really just cant get into it, I don’t think anyone would sit around and read shakespear for entertainment purposes. Except Mrs. Brown. The Crucible is about Salem Massachusets, where they prosecuted witches. I don’t want to tell anymore , but its an awesome play, everyone should read it! The character Development, and Story, and Theme are just brilliant! )

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The Wicked Soundtrack! (Oh my goodness, when i first heard this musical, i did not give it a chance at all, but now after hearing it a few times i am in love with it. I never got what all the fuss was about. People would say Wicked this, and Wicked that, and when i heard it i have to say that i was disappointed. Well now i see what all the fuss is about. The story and music are just simply amazing!

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Saw.. Hehe no pun intended [Good movie despite what many people say, more on that down below, (If you know what i mean ;-))]

The past few days have been interesting. Yesterday i woke up at 5:45 am and went to the gym to work out. For those of you who don’t know. It takes a whole lot to get up that early in the morning and do anything. Let alone go work out. After that i didn’t feel too good, i don’t think that my body was ready to work out that early in the morning and it sure let me know that. I felt like i was going to throw up. I got to school late as usual, and did my little thing. We have not really done much of anything in the past few weeks, but thats totally okay with me. I am excited about next years summer reading list. I hope that AP English is taken more seriously next year, not only by the students but by the teacher as well. All i really have left in school is my Special Interest Group Project, basically we had to make up a special interest group and write letters to heads of government in Ohio telling them why they should support us. I made up the National Health Care Organization which would fight for Free HealthCare for everyone. Lord knows i need it. Speaking of Health Care…

Today i went to the doctor and apparently everything is okay, even though i still have symptoms. Hmm.. interesting concept. I suppose excessive bleeding is normal!? Let’s not get into that but i am a little bit upset. I think i may get a second opinion. It stinks though because every time that i have to go to the doctor he is getting paid so much money for ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! It makes me so mad. That money could be used for something else, and i need money! So does my family.

So although this Government Project is only a school thing, it has a lot of deep felt personal connections in it. Health Care is a big issue in my family. Our insurance is not the best in the world, and in addition to the thousands and thousands of dollars that we already owe, every trip to the doctor is just an added amount to the already unbelievable sum.

But, i have been feeling kind of low for a week. So i am going to go see yet another doctor tomorrow. I hope its not allergies. I never really wanted allergies, they can be annoying. It would suck if i had them all of a sudden.

Anyways, you may have been wondering why this post is called See Saw. Well, i just wanted to say that i saw the movie SAW , and i thought that it was very good. I don’t understand why so many people think that it is a bad movie. Trust me, i have seen a whole lot of movies in my day, and it is in no way, shape , or form a bad movie. The story was great, the acting was great, what more can you ask for? Maybe we all need to lower our standards/expectations. I mean this movie did really bad in the box office, and i believe that it is better then most people think. So if you haven’t seen it yet, give it a chance.

One final note, i am learning to knit. And it is really fun but it can be frustrating at times. Well most of the time. Its suppose to be relaxing, and stress reliever but i guess that part comes after you actually learn how to knit.

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