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ssg is a static site generator. It is intentionally bare bones. I am using it to generate this website and I wanted to share a Makefile that I am using to make building and “deploying” this site a bit easier.

My general file structure looks something like this:

The contents of the Makefile are shown below.

        ssg5 src dst "Lev's Hacking Notes" ""
        doas cp -R dst/* /var/www/htdocs/

build runs ssg whenever I want to build a new version of this website. deploy moves the files from the local dst directory to the path where the webserver can serve up the files. You could probably do something very similar if you wanted to edit locally and deploy to a server somewhere else.

update Fri Dec 13 17:38:17 2019

This has matured quite a bit over the last week weeks and we have a problem deployment pipeline now using You can see the Makefile here and the deployment configuration here.

Thank you for reading! Share your thoughts with me on mastodon or via email.

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