Standard Notes is a Better Project than Braindump

I released braindump to the world last year to much fanfare. After the initial excitement from being on HN died down, and the PR’s stopped rolling in, it became a personal project once again with very few users. Over the last few weeks I have made several attempts to fix the spaghetti mess that is the current code base by refactoring the current Flask implementation, then rewriting it completely in Django, and even started a branch to investigate rewriting the whole app in PHP using Laravel. Other commitments took precedence and Braindump remains in a fairly usable but not that special state.

Today on HN I read about a new project called Standard Notes which is the most exciting note related project that I have seen in a long time. It solves so many of the problems around cross platform compatibility that plague many other note tools. In addition its goals are to create a standard file format for simple, secure, and durable notes. Even more it has already created a platform, an ecosystem, that allows anyone to come and create additional applications, plugins, and use cases for notes.

These are some of the problems that I set out to tackle when I started braindump. After reading about Standard Notes, and using it for a few hours, I have decided that my time would be better spent contributing to that project instead of continuing to work on Braindump.

Working on Braindump has been amazing. I learned a ton, became a better programmer, and most of all had a lot of fun. I want to thank everyone who tried it, provided feedback, and sent patches. The source code for braindump will remain on GitHub but I would encourage you to try and contribute to the Standard Notes project along with me.

If you made it this far, you should probably follow me on twitter. 🙂

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2 Responses to Standard Notes is a Better Project than Braindump

  1. Tom says:

    Look like an interesting project. I really like that client side encryption is part of the ‘standard’:

    Not totally sure about the file ‘spec’ and approach to note storage, but I’ll take another look.

    Sad to hear Braindump has been dumped 😉 As you’ve said to me before, ‘Why are notes so hard?!’

  2. levlaz says:


    Been using it for a few days now, and also shipped a PR that broke some stuff so Iv’e been having a ton of fun.

    I love that the MVP contains desktop, mobile, and web apps out of the gate. They did a really nice job.

    I am still passionate about notes, but I think that my efforts are better spent helping a good project succeed than reinventing the wheel. (i.e. Braindump was supposed to be a “platform” but after a year was just a sub-par notes app).

    Thanks for the comment Tom!

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