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So Square Enix came out with a new RPG for XBOX and I just had to get my hands on it. I have missed out on the last two games that they have put out. But I am looking forward to playing those as well. This is a whomping two disc game and I have barely breached the surface of it. The only things that I dont like so far is the camera angle. It takes some getting used to. Also I spent the first fourty minutes of the game watching an introduction movie… which is all good and nice but I was ready to kill some people. The Graphics are very colorful but as my roommate pointed out they do not fully take advantage of the xbox 360 hardware.

I am not too worried about the graphics though. I know that Sqaure Enix usually comes out with a wonderful story line that no graphics in the world can ever overcome. I dont know how much time this game is going to consume but I refuse to play fallout three until the next DLC comes out. This will surely take up most of my time until that point.

The story line is good so far, and the battle engine and gameplay are strikingly similar to my favorite RPG of all time.. Final Fantasy VII.

BTW. I played a little bit of fallout 1 and as much as I loved the intro and the premise of the game I honestly do not think that I will be able to play through the whole thing because of the fact that it is so outdated. I feel a little spoiled but whatever. I cant sit around and point and click for hours non stop.. my ADD will not tolerate that.

Anyway.. Check out the trailer for Star Oceans and if you are in the mood for an EPIC RPG.. definitely check it out!

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