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I was sitting at starbucks sipping on a latte when all of sudden the chairs started moving and I was so scared that my term paper would fly away and I would have to start all over.

I ran inside a Chinese hair store when the lights began to flicker and then fade.

Then the clouds cleared away and I went back into the store to grab my stuff, but that was the last time I heard the sweet dripping of the espresso machine, and to this moment every starbucks in this city seems to be closed.

Why has God forsaken me? What I wouldn’t do for a sweet morsel of brain influencing toxins whose aroma fills the air and makes everything okay. I find refuge, life, hope, and meaning in that cup.

It does not feel the same to sit here at this desk and smoke a cigarette without a cup of coffee to keep my mind at rest, and I don’t want the cheap shit. I only want the best… And the only place I can get that is at my lovely second home on the corner of cherry hill and baltimore avenue… it has been 24 hour since my last cup of starbucks coffee. My name is Lev.. and I am trying to survive the apocalypse.

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