Swine Flu Epidemic

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As you may or may not know we are long overdue for a flu epidemic that will wipe out half of our population. The last time we had one like that was around 1912. Speculators and apocalypse theorists have been claiming that this new strain h1n1 is going to be the strain that we have all been waiting for.

I remember when news of the swine flu first came out and bus drivers in DC were wearing face masks , the local news charts had fancy graphs, charts, and demographics displaying all of the swine flu casualties. Half the population was scared, and the CDC was fumbling around trying to figure out what they should be doing.

You would think that we would be preparing over the last couple of months to combat this predicted epidemic but to be honest with you nothing has changed. We still so not have enough anti virals, we still do not have enough hospitals with contingency plans, we still don’t known if the vaccine is going to work.

If we do have an epidemic on the same scale as the 1912 epidemic then we are not going to be any better off now then we were then. We are still blind and unprepared just like we were almost a hundred years ago.

I feel sorry for us. The epidemic is inevitable, it does not discriminate, it does not judge, it does not care if you have health insurance, it just kills everything that is not strong enough to resist it. Natures way of controlling the population. There is not much that we can do, but we have to do something.

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