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update 6/2/2024: this was imported from a blog I kept on the University of Cincinnati home page service that they offered to students. Its’ been removed now, how rude, but lucky for me the web archive captured a single snapshot.

I periodically browse the System76 website in the hopes that one day I will overcome my Apple fetish and commit to using Linux desktops full rather than my current VM’s. I was really excited to see that System76 has a new all-in-one computer called the Sable Complete, not only does it look great - it has a very lucrative price point - currently $749 for the holiday sale.

System 76 Sable Complete

I think design wise they borrowed a little from the iMac and a little from the other all-in-ones made by HP and Dell. It comes with all of the things you expect from a modern PC, a built in webcam, i3-i7 processor, customizable RAM and Hard Drive space (including SSD options), etc and it has a beautiful 1080p 21.5" screen.

Ubuntu is getting more and more resource heavy these days and I think this is one of the better ways to truly experience it since system76 is committed to the best compatibility and performance with Ubuntu. Although other manufacturers sell computers with Ubuntu, I think system76 has shown over the years that they are hear for the long haul. I am excited to see this computer on the market and wish I would have waited a few months before buying my new iMac because this definitely would have been a good option for a desktop.

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