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When I was in high school I took a class called “Teaching and Learning.” It was a very good class, our teacher was wonderful and it was definitely one that I looked forward to each and every day. We always had some great discussion about teaching theories, student behaviors, and other things like that.

The class taught you how to teach. I never really wanted to be a teacher but I believe that it is a skill that not many people posses. Anyone can rattle off a PowerPoint or read from a book. But is that really teaching? I think teaching is a skill that some people are blessed with. They are able to share their love for a subject and impress it upon their students. They are able to break everything down to the very smallest components and build upon these concepts.

Right now I am giving guitar lessons to a girl in Hampton. She is a wonderful student and makes my day every time that I see her. I am fascinated by her ability to pick up concepts and make progress with each lesson. I had a great music teacher when I was growing up and he taught me so much about music and how it can be a positive influence in your life.

Sometimes I doubt my abilities as a teacher, sometimes I feel as if I am the one that is rattling off things from a book rather than shedding my experience on an eager mind. I hope that I am doing a good job, and I guess I will not know for a while.

I think teaching music is a such a wonderful thing because it is truly a gift. I know that personally no matter what is going on in my life music will always make it better. Hopefully I will be able to transfer that same love for music to my current student and all of those to follow.

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