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update 6/2/2024: this was imported from a blog I kept on the University of Cincinnati home page service that they offered to students. Its’ been removed now, how rude, but lucky for me the web archive captured a single snapshot.

I am really glad that we have a day dedicated to thankfulness. Our lives can get so busy sometimes and we tend to forget the things in our lives that we should be thankful for. I had the most wonderful thanksgiving this year. I drove up to my good friend’s beautiful home about an hour north of Cincinnati and spent the entire day there. We ate, drank, laughed, even had a jam session, it was truly one of the best. I ended the night at my parents home where we continued the celebration.

When I think back to the last couple of years of thanksgiving it seems that I have always spent them with an entirely different group of people. I consider every one of them a very close friend, but it is interesting how year to year, your life can change so much. This is especially true in the military where people always come and go from year to year. You build strong friendships and then in a year or two people move across the country. It can be kind of sad, to not see those that you are so close to, but at the same time I am also grateful for having these people in my life.

Life can be very hard sometimes, but I for one feel truly lucky to be alive and grateful for all of the wonderful people that I have in my life. Every day is not going to always be great, but I am glad that there are still a couple days in the year where you can forget about all of the problems in your life, stop thinking about the people who hurt you in your life, and just focus on the fact that no matter what obstacles we face, there will always be people around, who care about us.

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