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I have always been fascinated by the way that news works. It just seems like anything that happened yesterday is easily forgotten as long as something more important happens today. It used to be a day to day basis in the days of the old newspaper but now with twitter, and blogs, and up to the minute updates on news websites. We no longer even get our 15 minutes of fame. We get about 15 seconds and 140 words.

I was amazed yesterday that no later than 30 minutes after Michael Jackson died they already had a flash slideshow of his life story along with comments, pictures, transitions, and the whole 9 yards. it is almost as if they have a secret shelf with pre-made slideshows just in case someone important dies. Hell they even wrote original songs for the man last night and they are up everyone today.

I find it interesting how we seldom get a resolution to a news story or mystery. For example, I remember in April Swine Flu was all the rage. Everyone was wearing masks, everyone was scared, people started buying out all the bottled water and toilet paper in the grocery stores, giving people a yellow star to wear, and everything. Over like 10 cases of flu.

Now with over 1 MILLION cases confirmed it seems like no one really gives a crap. Every day brings a story that knocks out even the biggest news in the world.

Monday - Iran Election

Tuesday - Red Line Crash

Wed - Iran Election

Thursday - Michael Jackson

Friday - Micahael Jackson , Michael Jacksons Doctor, Michael Jacksons kids, interviews, hell even wolf blitzer was on there commenting on the jackson 5.

I wonder what the big story is going to be tomorrow that wipes away MJ’s last bit of press??

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