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As Doug from the blog enthalpy wrote in his about me page.

“Blogging is a pointless waste of time typically engaged in by wanna be politicos, overwrought high school girls, or both. "

Although it is possible that this a pretty pessimistic viewpoint on the “art” of blogging, I believe that he raises a valid point.

Just like no one cares to stop and talk to the homeless guy on the corner who is rattling off about the end of the world, no one really cares about what most people have to blog about either. Blogging is not the next wave of revolutionary social communication, its a waste of time. It is performed by lonely people who seek attention, who yearn for the day where people actually care about what they have to say. That day rarely ever comes, unless the geniuses at blogger decide that the blog is a part of the “blog’s of note” - otherwise it is just another one of thousands in cyberspace that nobody cares to read.

This is one of those… in my hundredth attempt at finding a focus, I decided that there isn’t one. You cannot have a focus when there is no purpose in this act. Blogging is a useless waste of time, and I love it.

Enjoy the rest.

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