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I have been blogging for a few years now. Even thought I just started this one (probably my 12th blog ) a few days ago, I have been through this time and time again.

I feel like I am trying way too hard to be a blogger. I read a book about blogging and thought it would be a fun idea so then I started to do it. My first blog was by far my most successful one. But it all came crashing down when I moved to Wordpress. Even though I got more readers on there, they were not quality readers. I feel like the community here at blogger is much better then the one at wordpress. But no one leaves comments and I feel like no one reads my blog.

Then I realized that I really don’t care if no one reads my blog. To me, blogging is not something you do to gain popularity or fame. It is something you do as a release of emotions, as a response to an issue, and as a contribution to the internet community.

I don’t need comments and links to make me happy. I just need to freaking do it! I spend way too much time thinking about what I am going to blog about rather than actually doing it. Blogging is supposed to be fun, but over these last couple of years it has been way too hard. I can not stick to one topic so you know what. Im not even going to try anymore.

All the experts say that your blog will be more successful if you stick to one topic, but I am over that. I am just going to write about random stuff all the time and hopefully it will help someone in this world. If not, oh well.

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