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Social networking seems to be in the news quite frequently these days. You can not go fifteen minutes watching the news without hearing a reference to someones Twitter account or facebook page.

I remember when Twitter first came out and everyone was still wondering how the hell the thing worked and what the purpose of it is. I think we all know how it works now but we still have not decided the purpose.

What is the significance of detailing every aspect of your life with minuscule details about what you are having for lunch or where you are driving to after work or what song is playing on your iTunes?

I do not want to appear like I am judging people who use Twitter. I use Twitter for the very same reasons. Even I do not understand the significance of the things that I am writing. I do not feel like I am making breakthroughs or informing anyone of important information. Honestly sometimes I feel that I am contributing to the endless collection of useless information that is already in an abundant supply here on the Internet.

Even right now as I am writing this blog I still feel that way. Who the hell cares? Just like no one cares what I had for dinner no one cares what I think about Twitter.

Twitter - polluting the Internet 140 characters at a time.

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