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I have been such a blob lately. I have become more organized with the help of my macbook, but at the same time I am not completing the things on my to do list. Every day the tasks pile higher and higher and I am running out of time to cross them all out.

It is very frustrating! I love making lists and plans, and seeing a nice full schedule chock full of nice things to do throughout the day. The only problem is that I will skip over things that I really do not want to do, and only do the things that I do want to do.

This can be okay every once in a while, but I feel that this is the reason why I have three bags of laundry to do tonight and a dirty room to clean. :/

It is time to buckle down and get down to business! The one thing that I learned through this organizing revolution is that it is very important to plan for fun things to do in your day. Otherwise you will get very overwhelmed with the tasks hanging over your head.

I hope to clear out my to do list by this weekend and try to stick with it all going forward!

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