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US has distorted priorities

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From the White House Blog:

“The U.S. has committed $1 billion in aid to Georgia, and since the conflict last August, the U.S. has provided supplies and shelter to those who were displaced, reconstruction aid, and additional funds to strengthen Georgia’s civil society. "

I have a quick question. Maybe I have a distorted point of view and if that is the case then please by all means someone change my point of view.

But is it wrong to say that this isn’t the type of thing that we should be doing in the midst of a recession. While hundreds of thousands of americans are desperately searching for jobs and they themselves are “displaced” why is our government funding other peoples problems and ignoring our own? This seems to be a trend throughout the world…

With all the money that we spend in “humanitarian” aid , and this endless war we could have funneled that toward better use. To help build more sustainable energy, fix our job shortage, get kids off the streets right here in the United States.

I am all about helping other people when help is needed. But I feel like the government has its priorities all wrong. We have problems right here in America that need their attention now. When those are solved then perhaps we can go on and donate billions of dollars to various nations.

My Two cents.

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