Very Successful Black Friday

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update 6/2/2024 sadly photo got lost but I loved that damn kitchen cart*

[My Most Prized Black Friday Treat, Kitchen Cart and Step Stool from Ikea. :) ]

I have to say this has to be the smoothest Black Friday weekend that I have ever experienced. Not only did I get everything on my list that I wanted, I got tons of AMAZING deals, I was in and out of stores in minutes, and I did not break any arms or legs!

Last time I went out on black Friday It was a mad house. Lines were out the door, and it was a very frustrating experience. This year I had a plan and stuck to it. I knew exactly where everything was and I did not deviate from the list.

I think that is the key. Do not go out on black Friday to browse and stumble upon deals. Read the ads, do your homework, make a plan, make a list, stick to it! And then everything will go by very smoothly.


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