Walking in a Winter Wonderland

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Update 12/14/2023: This was from an Blogger post and sadly all the photos are no longer available.

I took a little trip to the Washingtonian Center with a friend of mine who was feeling kind of down. What better way to cheer up than a cup of hot chocolate from starbucks and christmas lights? Unfortunately I was only armed with my cell phone camera so I had to make due.

We took pictures with this really creepy bear that was kind of just sitting around on the bench. :)

It was nice to get out of the house. I have been spending a lot of time inside with the school work and such so I had a great time. It was pretty cold but the hot coco kept me warm. The best part was I went to Barnes and Nobel to pick up a few books and did not wait in an hour long line. Earlier in the day I went to Borders in Silver Spring and it was a disaster, so many people were there that I almost had a panic attack. I just put down all the books that I had in my hand and left because I was not willing to stand in that long line for a few books.

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