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Module Import Errors in Python when Executing a Program

I ran into a weird issue today with a python program where even though I have the pyyaml module installed python would complain that ImportError: No module named yaml when I tried to execute my program. I have ran into … Continue reading

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Pipe stuff from bash to your clipboard

I have been using GNU/Linux for over 10 years now and it seems like the more I learn the more I realize how little I know. This week at work we wrote a bad ass bash script that does all … Continue reading

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Installing Powerline in Debian

Powerline is an awesome status bar that tells you additional information about various things in bash, vim, and tmux. It comes in handy and makes your terminal look sweet. It is a little bit of a PITA to install, but … Continue reading

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Stolen Bank Card

I tend to not think about someone stealing my credit card or identity because that “only happens to careless people”. You know, the kind of people that buy discount cigarettes from some shady company in Hong Kong that does not … Continue reading

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