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Configuring Mutt for Gandi Mail (IMAP and SMTP)

Gandi is my favorite registrar for many reasons. Their motto is “No Bullshit” and they mean it. They make it super easy to manage domains, and offer tons of great services. One of the best things about buying a domain from … Continue reading

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Hacking an Angular.JS game for Fun and (fake) Profit

Last night I came across an interesting game called Giant Shaft Enterprises. In this game you play the role of a CEO of a fictitious company and the goal is to maximize your profits and reduce costs. You do this by … Continue reading

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ezBadge v2: Now in Stunning Javascript HD

If you have ever wondered what it looked like to convert an application from Python to Javascript, you are in luck. After finishing ezbadgeyesterday, I came to the realization that the entire thing could and should have been written in Javascript. There is … Continue reading

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Introducing ezBadge

A few months ago I wrote about my struggles with Markdown Image Links. The entire reason why I was working on that before was to put cute little badges in my Github repos. Today I took this a whole step … Continue reading

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