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Installing Leiningen on Windows

Leiningen is an awesome tool for getting up and running with Clojure. They have a super simple bash or .bat script for getting up and running on OS X, Linux, and Windows. The home page does an awesome job explaining how to … Continue reading

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Nikki Wertish and the UbuTab Scam

Yesterday I wrote a trolly post about how to make $25,000 in 15 easy steps in an effort to raise awareness about the UbuTab scam that happened on Indiegogo this year. Although no one has yet gathered a angry mob to chase after Nikki … Continue reading

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How to make $25,000 in 15 Easy Steps

Move to Minnesota Start working on a Political Science / Journalism Degree Sign up for a Go Daddy Account Make a horrible and lazy website Sign up for an Indiegogo Account Know absolutely nothing about Hardware Manufacturing, Linux Development, or Mobile … Continue reading

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