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Version 0.2.6 of Braindump Released

I am excited to announce the release of version 0.2.6 of Braindump. I have taken a short break from Braindump at the beginning of the year, but I am still committed to making it the best note platform out there! … Continue reading

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Types and Roles If Not Exists in PostgreSQL

For certain operations such as creating types and roles in PostgreSQL you are not able to use the handy IF NOT EXISTS parameter. This makes creating reusable scripts a bit more challenging, especially if you are going to be running these scripts … Continue reading

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Hooked on Fonics, and the Tragedy of Domain Name Driven Business Naming

I have long thought that it was slightly ironic that some of the most successful tech companies of our generation have been created around misspelled names. The reason for this of course, is due to limited amount of English words … Continue reading

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Windows 10 is Awesome

Last week I got a new Dell Inspiron laptop from the Microsoft store for a great price. I did a bit of research while looking for a new laptop, and despite the fact that this computer still has a spinny disk, the … Continue reading

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