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Bash on Ubuntu on Windows

I just opened up a command prompt on Windows 10, typed in bash, and watched as Ubuntu was installed on my computer. I never, in 1 million years, thought that I would ever live to see the day that this … Continue reading

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Development on Windows

Last weekend CircleCI hosted ClojureBridge and I volunteered as a TA. It was a super rewarding experience and I hope to be more involved in these types of events in the future. One thing I noticed (and I have noticed a similar … Continue reading

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Working with NuGet CLI

I have been working with .NET Core lately and I am pretty excited about the future of .NET running outside of just windows. Ever since my first tech job at an enterprise healthcare company, I have had a soft spot in my … Continue reading

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Remote Root Access for MariaDB on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS

Typically, when you install MySQL on Ubuntu, it asks you for a root password which you can then use to log into the database. It seems that MariaDB uses a plugin instead to authenticate the root user. This means that … Continue reading

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