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Amazon LightSail: Simple Virtual Private Servers on AWS

Amazon introduced LightSail today in a move that might signal the slow death of “Cloud Hosting Providers” such as Digital Ocean, Vultr, and Linode. Blast off with Lightsail; Everything you need to jump start your project on AWS—compute, storage, and … Continue reading

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Getting Started with Laravel on Ubuntu

I’ve really been digging Laravel lately. Especially due to the wonderful documentation and amazing resources provided by Laracasts. Below are some notes on getting going on a local Ubuntu install. I am running Ubuntu 16.10 and these notes assume a fresh install. Install … Continue reading

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Polarr; Professional Photo Editing on Linux

One of the most frustrating things about being a desktop Linux user is that a lot of software is either: Half Baked, Buggy, and Free Half Baked, Buggy, and Completely Overpriced Unavailable This is why I was so pleased when Aosheng introduced … Continue reading

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Whatever hacky script you are writing already exists in GNU Core Utilities

When I think of bash, I think of writing hacky scripts that do random things utilizing “bash commands”. It turns out that the parts of bash that “do stuff” such as echo, cut, cat are part of a larger program … Continue reading

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That UI Bug with Missing Data is a Security Issue

This is (sometimes) a development blog, so I am going to write about some failed development of mine since writing about success is much less interesting. You know that UI bug that someone added to your GitHub Issues where there … Continue reading

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Laravel Homestead on Ubuntu 16.04

Yesterday I wrote about my first steps with Laravel and Homestead and complained about how I had some trouble getting started. It turns out this has nothing to do with Laravel and instead has to do with a Vagrant bug in the … Continue reading

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Ubuntu 16.04 on an Intel NUC

I have too many computers. The other day I installed Ubuntu on my Alienware PC because I needed to get some work done and I got tired of fighting with Vagrant on Windows. Everything was perfect until I rebooted. The … Continue reading

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First Steps with Laravel and Homestead

I’m checking out Laravel for the first time. I think they have a very nice web site, but slightly confusing documentation. First I tried to get composer working but the whole experience felt weird. Once I got it sorted out, I had some other … Continue reading

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Tunnel to Production PostgreSQL Database

As any responsible sys admin, I only allow local connections to my production database server. This means that if I need to access my DB from my local machine I would most likely need to use an SSH tunnel in … Continue reading

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