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Dockerized PostgreSQL and Django for Local Development

Docker and docker-compose make it dead simple to avoid dependency hell and have a consistent environment for your whole team while doing local development. This post walks through setting up a new Django project from scratch to use Docker and docker-compose. It … Continue reading

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I Want to Become a Core Python Developer

I’ve been tinkering with python for almost five years now. I am absolutely in love with the language. My new goal is to make enough contributions to the project to join the core team. This post is my attempt to keep … Continue reading

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Python Mocks Test Helpers

I’ve been writing a python wrapper for the CircleCI API over the last week. I wanted to do this “the right way” with test driven development. I have a couple integration tests that actually hit the CircleCI API, but most of the … Continue reading

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Backing up and Restoring MySQL with mysqldump

I backup and restore databases across servers every few months, but each time I have to resort to reading this very verbose documentation. The steps below are a no fuss way to do this each time. Backup Server SSH into the … Continue reading

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