56 Books, My Literary Journey in 2018

According to goodreads, I read 56 books in 2018. This was 4 over my goal of 52 books! I spent a lot of the year reading books from my never ending list of tralev books but I also took some time to appreciate the classics, award winners, and a random selection of history and business books from Prime reading.

I think my absolute favorite book of the year was The Dark Forest (#2 of the Remembrance of Earth’s Past Book series). I read the entire series this year and gave each book 5 stars. Im a huge sci-fi fan and this is the best series I’ve ever read hands down.

I’m pretty conservative with my good reads ratings.

1 – why did I ever read this

2 – “ok”, if you’re a fan of this topic

3 – good book

4 – great book

5 – read this before you die

A couple other books that I really enjoyed last year were:

  • Giant of Enterprise – a book about business tycoons that was recommended to me by Nathan.
  • Kitchen Confidential – a book by the late Anthony Bourdain which gives us a peek into the real world of a career as a chef.
  • Less – a pulitzer prize winning book about life, love, and loss.
  • East of Eden – a masterpiece by one of Americas most legendary authors.

I hate being negative, but my least favorite book by far last year year was “That Dark and Bloody River” I wrote a scathing review of this one on my other blog. It was also the longest book I read last year. I have a terrible problem of not being able to stop reading a book halfway in between. I read this tome with anger over a series of several long haul flights.

I want to read 52 more books in 2019. Join me in the challenge. Happy reading!

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