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Hi! My name is Lev, I am 30, live in San Francisco, and work at LaunchDarkly. Formerly at CircleCI and Linode. I am a US Navy Veteran, Musician, NOVA Southeastern University Computer Science Alumni, and a huge geek! I love Linux, free software, free culture, computers, music, and technology. Thanks for stopping by!

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This is a collection of past and present projects that I am working on. Check them out! Most (if not all of them) are open source so pull requests are always appreciated. 🙂

Active Projects

  • circleci.py a python wrapper for the CircleCI API.
  • blog levlaz/blog (for lack of a better name) is a simple, ugly, single user blogging application written in Python and Flask.

Inactive Projects

  • ezBadge Making Badges for your GitHub repo has never been easier.
  • releases log Style Release Notifications using GitHub Releases
  • pg2cf Utility program for uploading PostgreSQL backups to RackSpace Cloud Files
  • braindump A note taking application written in Python and Flask.

Projects I’ve Contributed To

  • Kanboard – An awesome open source visual task board.
  • Standard Notes – A standard notes app with an un-standard focus on longevity, portability, and privacy.
  • Python Dev Guide – The Python developer’s guide.