Affinity on Windows

I am not a designer or an artist, but I have been using Affinity Designer on OS X for almost a year and recently purchased Affinity Photo as well.  I cannot say enough great things about both of these products!

Affinity Designer for Windows is now FREE in BETA

Source: Affinity – Sign up to the free beta of Affinity on Windows

I am super excited to see this app coming to Windows. Affinity is powerful, reasonably (and most important perpetually) priced, and is really giving Adobe a run for its money.

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3 Responses to Affinity on Windows

  1. Johnny Boy says:

    Why’d you remove your lxqt article? It was actually helpful since all the other sources were outdated.

    If anyone needs the commands, they are:

    apt update
    apt install xorg lxqt -y

    Thanks 🙂

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