Argument Against an SPA

Gitlab released a great blog post describing some major changes to how they build their frontend. This mostly consists of using Vue and Webpack, which is a great workflow that I have been enjoying lately while hacking some various Laravel projects.

For example, the profile page could be potentially very light, and there would be no reason for that if someone is linked directly to the profile page; it should load every single piece of Javascript in our project.

Unlike pretty much every other large project, they are not currently making an SPA (single page application). Their reasoning is solid and is one of the best argument against using an SPA that I have heard yet.

I think they have the right idea. The magic of javascript (with vue and webpack) coupled with the speed of “traditional” apps seems like a winning strategy.

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  1. Tom says:

    I agree. But to keep things simpler, if we’re using good backend web frameworks but want a snappy modern frontend that is easy to code, I’d recommend giving IntercoolerJS a look. Here’s a great post about why:

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