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I’ve Been Reading Books Wrong

I read a lot. I try to balance out a healthy mix of fiction and nonfiction. I have an unhealthy habit of not being able to give up on a book once I have started reading it. This had led … Continue reading

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Sitepoint is filled with Bullshit

If you haven’t seen Brad Frost’s masterpiece commentary on the state of the internet, check that out before you continue reading. I was fiddling around with a WordPress plugin recently and searched for some tips on how to add customized … Continue reading

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How to Use Apple AirPods in Debian

If you try to connect Apple AirPods to a computer running Debian, you will be able to pair them without any issues, but unfortunately you will not be able to use them to play any sounds. When I tried to … Continue reading

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Thank you to the Debian Maintainers of Mozilla-related packages team

A few days ago, a critical bug was found in Firefox that disabled all extensions due to an expiring intermediate certificate. This caused a lot of outrage on the internet, and an inconvenience for most users. I run firefox-esr on … Continue reading

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How to Disable Wayland in Debian Testing

I’m running Debian Testing on a laptop, and I would like to disable Wayland because not all of the tools that I use currently have first-class support for it. There is an old post that I used to reference to … Continue reading

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How to Leave a LinkedIn Group in 2019

LinkedIn Groups might have been interesting in the past, but it seems like with each iteration LinkedIn makes the functionality less and less useful. In order to clean up some of my activity in LinkedIn I wanted to leave some … Continue reading

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56 Books, My Literary Journey in 2018

According to goodreads, I read 56 books in 2018. This was 4 over my goal of 52 books! I spent a lot of the year reading books from my never ending list of tralev books but I also took some … Continue reading

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Converting CSV to a SQLite Database

As a part of my data science course on EdX we have been working with a lot of csv files. I spoke SQL long before I spoke Pandas and I find that it is much easier to do initial exploration … Continue reading

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Emerging trends in technology provided by ThoughtWorks.

A classmate shared this link with us in regards to visualizations that are powerful. I’ve not seen this report before, but it provides so much insight into the pulse of enterprise software development. The Technology Radar is our thoughts on … Continue reading

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Make A Symbolic Link to Your iCloud Drive

If you use iCloud Drive to store documents and also use the terminal quite a bit, it might be handy to add a symbolic link to iCloud into your home directory. This will allow you to easily make your way … Continue reading

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