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This is interesting. I have a paper thats due on Wed and I have not even started it yet. In addition to the paper I have to do some module activities on the UMUC website. I figure I will get those out of the way so that I can concentrate 100% on my paper. It’s funny because the first thing that I read in the module is.

Many people will do almost anything to avoid writing, even when they know they have a deadline to meet. Think about the kinds of procrastination activities that you may engage in before writing a paper. Perhaps you clean up your workspace, your kitchen, or your entire house! Perhaps you take a walk, organize photographs, or watch television. Even researching and reading about your topic are sometimes little more than procrastination.

Perhaps my attempt to do some “work” is nothing more than procrastination from writing my paper.

The paper is supposed to be about video games and childhood obesity. Our main source is a research study that was done about Dance Dance Revolution and how children can use it to avoid SST (Stagnant Screen Time) I think that obesity is a huge problem in America. (No Pun Intended) My main view is that although some video games like Wii fit, and DDR do help to burn some calories and allow children and adults to not become complete couch potatoes they should not be used as someones main work out plan. The only way to loose weight is to burn more calories than you consume in a given day. That is basis science. It seems pretty simple in theory but when you put it into practice it is not that simple.

There are many factors that go into losing weight. Diet and exercise are key. When I say Diet I am not referring to south beach or adkins. I mean completely changing your life diet. What you eat is a lifestyle choice and if you truly want to lose weight you cannot expect to eat salad for 6 months and then go back to eating burgers without gaining everything back.

I am going to place the DDR and Wii Fit right into the fad diet/exercise category. It may work for a while but its not a realistic solution to Americas weight problems. Just like those late night infomercials advertising pills, hip fat busters, and the latest diet craze, active video games will soon pass and people will realize that they only way to really lose the weight is to change their diet and hit the gym.

(this post has been disguised as a free writing activity, so maybe this is productive and not just more procrastination.)

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