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Trip Dates

Aug 24 - 28 2017

How I Got There

I flew to Boise on Southwest Airlines from Oakland. It was an uneventful 90 minute flight.

How I Got Around

The public transportation system in Boise is very limited and does not run at all on Sundays. I decided to rent a car. In hindsight, this was a great decision. I ordered the "Manager's Special" from Hertz, which is the mystery meat of rental cars, and ended up with a white Toyota Sienna.

Where I Stayed

I stayed the the Townplace Suites just outside of downtown.

What I Did

The first few days of the trip I was on a "working vacation" so I squeezed in some tourist activities between work. I visited the downtown area, bought way too many books at Rediscovered Books, drove up Bogus Basin (where I got the awe inspiring photograph for this post) and ate at Elmers, Papa Joe's, Goldy's, and Hyde Park House.

I started off the weekend by visiting the Boise Farmers Market. Next I spent a few hours at Julia Davis Park, learned a bit about Basque history in the Basque block, and spent a few hours at Flying M coffee house reading and writing.

On Sunday, I met up with Colleen who is a new friend that I made via the #Boise hashtag on twitter and we talked for hours about places, people, and history of Boise. I explored the Anne Frank Human Rights Memorial and the MK Nature Center before heading back to the hotel to pack for my trip home.

What Was the Fuss

The only thing I knew about Idaho was that they grew potatoes. I was surprised to learn that Boise had a great food, arts, and culture scene. They are just as obsessed with Coffee as folks in San Francisco. The city and surrounding areas are full of natural beauty. Most of all the people that I met were kind and seemed happy to be alive.


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