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Tuesdays are very slow days here in Dialysis. We do not have any patients unless someone happened to stumble into the ER last night after skipping their treatment yesterday. Otherwise we just clean all the machines, make our solutions, restock, string everything up and prepare for tomorrow.

Same routine, every Tuesday and Thursday. The whole process takes no more than an hour and then I spend the rest of my time sitting around on this blog. Or doing something slightly more productive (but usually not)

I guess its nice to have slow days at work. Let’s you get caught up with everything and gives you a little break in the hustle and bustle of everyday life. I only wish I was a little bit more productive in my free time.

Hopefully when I get over to Bethesda I will be able to work on college and maybe even order supplies for the clinic like I did in Dermatology.

By the way, if anyone is ever in the navy and they get offered the supply job. Definitely take it. It is the best job in the world. No matter what is happening in your department all you have to say is four magic words " I am doing supply " and it will get you out of every single task. I also noticed that it gives you access to pretty much everything and everyone in the hospital.

All those big red signs that say " DANGER: RESTRICTED AREA DO NOT ENTER." All you have to do is say " It’s ok, I am the supply petty officer." And the doors of the world are immediately opened to you.

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