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Yesterday I saw my first baby brought to life, it was amazing!

I was doing some OJT at the OR on my weekend so that I can hurry up and get all of my hours in before my application for surgical tech school went in. The guy I was working with was the OR tech for labor and delivery and he was in charge of scrubbing in in case they had to do any c sections.

The weekend was not too busy and after a few hours of sitting around watching vampire movies I pretty much gave up hope of seeing anything exciting that day. Then all of a sudden his pager went off. For the first time in my career in the hospital I felt a sense of urgency for the staff. In my OR experience even the most complex cases seemed to be under control. No one was running around or screaming out medical terminology like they do on the tv shows. In real life surgery just is not that exciting. Except for this case.

As soon as we got to the 6th floor I saw a sea of pink scrubs running around telling us to hurry up. The woman was having some issues with her baby and they had to do an emergency c section. The doctor in charge was nervous as hell, she was sweating shaking, within minutes the OR lights came on, the table was ready to go, and the knife went across the womans belly.

They cut into the uterus and brought a beautiful baby boy into this world. It was the most amazing thing that I have ever seen in my whole life. Days like this make me love my job and look forward to all of the amazing things that I am going to experience throughout my career. I never thought that at the tender age of 20 I would be seeing things like this. I love it!

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