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Argument Against an SPA

Gitlab released a great blog post describing some major changes to how they build their frontend. This mostly consists of using Vue and Webpack, which is a great workflow that I have been enjoying lately while hacking some various Laravel … Continue reading

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100% Uptime*

I have been a customer of Vultr on and off since March 2015. I have been running a VPS (Virtual Private Server) server on one platform or another since 2011 and I spent some time working in operations for a … Continue reading

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An Ode to Linux Desktop Users Everywhere

Here’s to the crazy ones, the misfits, the rebels. The package makers, the man page writers. The rounded windows in Qt mixed with the less rounded windows of GTK. The ones who literally see things differently because of missing proprietary … Continue reading

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Amazon LightSail: Simple Virtual Private Servers on AWS

Amazon introduced LightSail today in a move that might signal the slow death of “Cloud Hosting Providers” such as Digital Ocean, Vultr, and Linode. Blast off with Lightsail; Everything you need to jump start your project on AWS—compute, storage, and … Continue reading

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WordPress Desktop Apps

The other day I was thinking, “wouldn’t it be great if WordPress had a desktop app?” Visit the post for more. Source: Desktop Apps Why didn’t anyone tell me that this was a thing? It is absolutely amazing and allows … Continue reading

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Tech Hacking

In 2011 I wrote a couple of articles for a now defunct tech blog called Tech Hacking. Once again, the Internet Archive has come to the rescue, I am going to move them over here along with my posts from … Continue reading

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Affinity on Windows

I am not a designer or an artist, but I have been using Affinity Designer on OS X for almost a year and recently purchased Affinity Photo as well.  I cannot say enough great things about both of these products! … Continue reading

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Tips for Public Speaking –

I gave a talk at work last week about the basics of CircleCI, I had little time to prepare and made the horrible error of trying to do some live stuff during a presentation. zzak shared some great feedback and … Continue reading

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Installing Slack on Ubuntu

Ah Slack, the email killer, the bane of my existence. Now in stunning Ubuntu 3d. Like chrome before it, and seemingly all electron apps, the .deb is not able to resolve all dependencies. In order to get slack working you … Continue reading

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Twitter Has Become Unbearable

I feel that lately Twitter has just become unbearable. I am going to sound like a curmudgeon but I miss the old twitter. Remember when you had a timeline full of peoples ideas? Remember when more than 3 tweet fit … Continue reading

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