Lev Lazinskiy

Cry Out

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This is my cry out
I want to be heard
I don't deserve to be muffled
like the expensive repair done
on your new Hummer

I’m making it clear
for all to see and hear
How much longer
can we sit, wait, and watch
while cradles are being robbed
and the poor mothers are crying
because their children are dying
and these fucking puppets just keep on

It’s all politics
Strictly Business
Hell, at least they died with honor
Where have all the decent janitors gone?
Because this bullshit is piling around my feet
everywhere I go it’s one more deceit
Every victory is closer to defeat

It’s foaming around the mouth
and seeping out the nose.
Do they not have mirrors?
Can they not hear themselves?
The President* is Santa
and they are merely elves.
But there wont be any presents round the christmas tree this year
Just guns, lies, death, some oil
and a whole country living in fear.

*The President is referring to the past administration not the current one.

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