Dell Inspiron 7000 Memory Upgrade

2014-03-31 Tags: hardware

I recently picked up an 15” Inspiron 7000 – it is a very powerful, sleek, and stylish machine for under $1000. I had 16GB of RAM laying around that I wanted to upgrade the existing 8GB with. The idea here is to use this laptop for everything – its got a great processor, nice screen, usable keyboard, and a huge 1TB hard drive. I read online that some people seem to think that the memory was soldered onto the motherboard (something that Apple is now doing on all MBP Retina and MBA models). I am happy to verify that this is not true. There are 6 Screws on the bottom of the machine. Taking out the four on the edges, and loosening the two in the middle will allow you to “pry open” the bottom case and expose the two memory modules which can be replaced with 1600Mhz DDR3L Memory Chips. Check out the documentation for more information. I don’t usually write reviews but if you are looking for a powerful, desktop replacement with a good battery life for under $1000 I would definitely recommend this machine!