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I took my advancement test today and it was by far the worst performance that I have ever given on any examination in my whole entire life. My mind was boggled by the questions and I feel like I completely bombed it.

However, I am not surprised. As I have been writing about all month I went into that test completely unprepared and am willing to face the consequences of my laziness.

It is just so difficult to study for. There are two hundred questions that are picked at random from references numbering in the thousands of pages. How in the world are you supposed to:

1. Learn that amount of information
2. Decipher what is important and what is not
3. Retain that information until the next advancement exam. 

Even though I have not made the best effort this time around I am determined to not repeat this performance the next time that the advancement test comes around. This is just one of many many tests that I am going to have to take for the rest of my life so there is no sense in letting this one failure bring me down. No matter how difficult it may be, the next time that the advancement test comes around I am going to be well prepared.

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