Editing the Windows PATH

2016-10-26 Tags: hacking windows

As a developer you will often install random things onto your computer and hope that they magically work when you execute them from a command prompt. Most package managers on Linux, BSD, Unix, and will install things that are already in your PATH so life is simple. On Windows its slightly a different story.

Just like in the other operating systems listed above you can add any arbitrary directory to your windows PATH. The strategy that I came up with was making a folder called C:\DevTools and then any time I need to install any library or command line utility (like nuget) that needs to be in my path, I will simply plop it in that folder and everything will just work.

The detailed process is outlined below. In this guide, I am assuming that you want to follow my convention of using a folder called C:\DevTools for all the things. Keep in mind you can add anything that you wish to your PATH using the same steps.

  1. Open up Documents, right click on This PC and  select PropertiesThis PC View
  2. On the left hand side of this Window, select Advanced System SettingsAdvanced System Settings
  3. At the bottom of this window, select Environment Variables...Windows Environment Variables
  4. Select Path and then Select Edit...
  5. Append ;C:\Devtools; to the Path variable and select OK.Editing the Windows PATH
At this point everything inside of this folder will be in your PATH and you will be able to execute anything inside of this folder from the command line.



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