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Fluid and Electrolyte Balance

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Tomorrow is my 5th test of the class. I am looking forward to it because I feel like I have the information pretty much down packed. We are going over the fluid and electrolyte balances in the body. There are a lot of ions to remember but after looking over all the information so much I should be able to pass without any issues.

I have recently begun to use my PDA again. I feel that writing down things that need to be done, is a very helpful tool. The PDA is always there with me and it is satisfying to be able to check something off of a list. However, at times I feel like I spend more time planning and less time doing.

I want to make a resolution that I will stick to all the plans that I make on my PDA unless there is a legitimate excuse not to. Which is very rare. Laziness is not an excuse, and lord knows I have tons of it! Tomorrow morning is the Command Master Chief Run and I am kind of excited about it. Its always good to have a little bit of motivation on a friday morning.

Im not sure what I am going to do this weekend but I am going to try to be pretty frugal. I have a trip to washington the second week in July, and John is coming down to Virginia Beach on the third week. I am going to need to save up some money for those two trips. I am really excited but in the meantime will try to make the best of my time and try not to let my missing him consume me. Lol It has for a while and I am just now finally realizing that I need to stop being so childish. This is Life. We are not going to be near the ones we love at all times 24/7. We shouldn’t either. Its not healthy. It is bad for the relationship. Smothering someone is never a good thing.

I sold my laptop and sidekick on ebay. I got a new phone that is eco friendly from motorolla. ( I am almost ready to maybe write a little review about it. Also I want to write a review about the book I just finished “Secrets to Happiness.” Look for those to come soon.) It is just a little bit of extra money but its helping me out a bit. I want to get some side jobs going on the weekends so I can bring in some more disposable income. if anyone knows of any side weekend jobs in the Hampton Roads Virginia area make sure you let me know! :)

Tomorrow’s test is the last thing I have ti worry about till monday. Thank God Its Friday! :D

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