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There is a great article on Mac Life about the history of iTunes. I first used itunes when i bought my brand new 4th Generation iPod. Before that I used all sorts of different programs to manage and listen to my music. Real Player, Musicmatch Jukebox, Windows Media player, even some third party apps but none of them really ever fit the bill for me. Something was missing.


I loved my iPod to death. If you look at the 4G iPod now it looks like a relic from the past, but I assure you back then it was the height of technology. I was the coolest kid in school. :)


I must have shelled out $400 bucks for the 40 gB model but I did not care. I wanted to have every single song that I owned (stacks and stacks of CD’s ) on one little device.

I really miss my ipod. Reading this article brought back a lot of great memories. So much has changed since back then. It has only been 5 years but technology today and then are completely opposite. 5 years ago there was no twitter, firefox was just coming out, no one except for college students used facebook, Vista was not even out yet.

Cant wait for the future so I can look back on my Macbook pro 5 years from now and talk about what else has changed. This is what I like the most about technology. Just when you think that it cannot get any better, that nothing original or creative, or engaging will ever come out again. BAM! Right in your face, someone, somewhere , thinks of something that changes the way we live forever.

comparison of ipods and itunes

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