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What is the difference between a writer and someone who writes? I know this question sounds kind of crazy - even silly. Isn’t someone who writes - a writer? I would love to call myself a writer, but I do not believe that I am quite there yet. I enjoy to write, I love to play this game with words. I love to watch my thoughts dance around on a blank sheet of paper until they find meaning, a purpose, direction, and make sense in a place other than my mind.

I crave writing, I love writing, I breathe writing. I want more than anything to be a writer. I want to write things that people will read, remember, and talk about. So in my endless journey for answers in life I have come to the conclusion that the only way to become a writer is to write.

Write constantly. Write silly things, write stupid things, write thing that make no sense at all, and write things that make all of the sense in the world. Write in a blog, write in a journal, write in a computer, and on a napkin during lunch, and on paper. On the back of your math test, in the memo section of your cell phone. Just keep doing it.

I know this is redundant - but if you want to become a writer. WRITE!

It’s the simplest concept in the world, and yet so difficult to commit to. Consistently writing, not necessarily good, but just writing is more difficult at times than sticking to a strict diet. It follows the same patterns; initially you are motivate, you make a plan, and you stick to it. Then a few days or weeks go by and you forget to go to the gym (you forget to write) or you sneak a donut (You don’t accomplish your writing goals for the day) and then you have officially “failed” for the day. You can either give up and stop or keep going.

And with any plan, the keep going part is the most difficult thing to do. Well, I vow right here on this blog - to myself that I will keep going.

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