How to make $25,000 in 15 Easy Steps

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  1. Move to Minnesota
  2. Start working on a Political Science / Journalism Degree
  3. Sign up for a Go Daddy Account
  4. Make a horrible and lazy website
  5. Sign up for an Indiegogo Account
  6. Know absolutely nothing about Hardware Manufacturing, Linux Development, or Mobile Devices
  7. Steal Some Screenshots of random things happening and put them on top of other screenshots of white label tablet mockups. (Be sure to use a pirated version of PhotoShop for this step).
  8. Make a low budget Apple commercial (be sure to be writing things with a marker).
  9. Think about how much it would cost to develop, manufacture, test, market, and ship a new tablet that runs an unreleased mobile version of a popular Linux Distribution.
  10. Ignore the costs from step 9 and ask for $36,000
  11. Set up a CrowdFunding Campaign on the site from Step 5. Be sure to use Flexible Funding which means that you get paid regardless of whether or not your goal is reached.
  12. Somehow manage to get 156 people to give you money.
  13. Fail to reach your funding goal.
  14. Provide sporadic updates on how things are moving forward in a positive direction with your amazing new product with your final update talking about manufacturing difficulties in China.
  15. Take down your horrible website from Step 4 and ignore all future emails and comments from anyone that has to do with this project.
This worked for Nikki Wertish of the UbuTab scam, and I am sure that it can work for you too!

UPDATEI wrote a less trolly follow up article to this, check it out to learn more about the UbuTab Scam

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