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I wanted to write and describe to you all how much I love my MacBook Pro. I have been wanting a Mac laptop ever since I could remember. My first laptop was a pricey dell, took me forever to pay if off and by the time that I did not only was it obsolete. It crapped out a long time ago. I was disappointed and would walk into the trendy apple store at Kenwood mall eagerly, even lustfully eyeballing all of the new goodies that mac seemed to come out with every couple of months. I was jealous, envious, I wanted one! Hell I even bough an old imac from ebay for like $100 to try to replicate the amount of enjoyment that I thought I would feel once I saw that little macintosh face smiling at me. Unfortunately that was legacy technology and it just did not do the trick.

I have had many computers since that first dell but sadly no mac. I could probably afford it but I found other uses for my money as time went by. Well, recently I got an unexpected payment of $2,000 from the navy and naturally it was time to put my foot down. I marched over to the Apple store in Montgomery mall and purchased my very own macbook.

Ever since the first day that I turned this thing on I have slowly begun to fall deeper in love with it. Every day I learn something new about this computer and just how wonderful it is. Not only does it work efficiently. It it smart as hell. There is absolutely nothing that I can think of that I want my computer to do that it is unable to.

It surprises me every single day. For example the other day I realized that If I type numbers into the spotlight ( computer search ) it will do simple math with them. For example all I have to do is write 2+2 and it will automatically show me what that means. If I put in “dog” it will show me all my pictures, files, emails, webpages, videos, etc with any hint of dog in them. I love it! It makes computing so much more enjoyable.

The latest goodie that I have discovered is iPhoto. If you put in the name of someone on their face in just one picture it will scan your whole library and try to match their face to other pictures. It is just simply AMAZING!

This little laptop makes my day every time that I turn it on. Yes it was expensive as hell, yes there is a slight learning curve if you are coming over from either Windows or Linux ( Like I was ) but I guarantee you that it is well worth every penny and moment of confusion that it may cause.

I realize now that I have completely underutilized this computer. I have not used it for all that it is worth and I am making it my goal to find out just what else this monster can give me. I look forward to this computer giving me even more surprises as the days go by.

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