Remmina is an excellent Remote Desktop Client. It has an open implementation of the RDP protocol which allows you to connect to Windows Workstations. Sometimes you want to send a Ctrl + Alt + Delete command to the workstation that you are logged into. For example, today I was doing an upgrade on a remote server and Windows Explorer died and would not come back to life. The only way that I know how to restart windows explorer is to go to task manager and start a new task called “explorer”. In order to get to task manager is to insert a Ctrl + Alt + Delete command. Remmina makes it easy to insert these commands. If you select the keyboard icon on the top of the toolbar, it will capture all keyboard combinations and send them to the remote session. In my specific case, I was remoted into my work PC (Windows 8) and then remoted into another server using Microsoft’s Remote Desktop Application. So the alt + ctrl + del combination did not work on the server that I was logged into. For those of you that don’t know, if you are in an RDP session using MSTSC (Microsoft Terminal Server Client) in order to pass an alt + ctrl + del into the client that you are remoted into you must enter Alt + Ctrl + End.