Javascript ES6

I’ve spent more time in the last few weeks learning more Javascript. This has resulted in a whole bunch of random inconsistent apps, hacks, and scripts floating around GitHub authored by me. My go to resource whenever I want to get a better idea of how something works and what “good” Javascript looks like is Todo MVC. This is a great site that provides tons of sample code in essentially every flavor of Javascript. I was especially excited to see that they updated the examples in their repo to include ES6 examples in Vanilla JS. Another great general resource for me has been the Mozilla Developer Network site. Which provides really nice documentation and code snippets.

Starting to write Javascript today can be pretty overwhelming. There are so many different dialects, frameworks, tools, and practices. I like that ES6 took a bunch of the things that were missing from the previous versions of JS and made them more standardized. I hope that in the future we will be able to shed away some of the tooling around writing sane javascript since it will be included in the language (and more importantly supported on server and browsers) natively.

One of the most frustrating things is that a lot of the samples and StackOverflow posts that you see are riddled with anti patterns. So trying to find the proper way to do something can be a bit challenging. I hope that by continuing to standardize JS and develop best practices that some of the less desirable solutions will stop making the front page on search results.

I have been babeling, grunting, gulping, bowering, and package.jsonsing all month. It’s actually kind of fun, I feel more confident being able to reason about how JS fits into the overall picture of my application and also how to structure more complex applications.

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