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Klub Life: Short Story

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Jake looks down upon is phone and notices a new message indication rapidly blinking in the upper right hand corner of his bright new cell phone screen. It says “come out to “The Saint” tonight and enjoy free beer and cheap shots all night long in honor of the death of discrimination.” The year was 2008 he was a charming open minded 19 year old boy living in the center of the peoples revolution. The air was filled with hope, television and newspapers promised prospects of a new world order, a new phase of society that would topple the ideas and values of the past. Things looked bright, the war ended, people quickly forgot the dead American youth that perished in the desert. Their thoughts moved onto the new government system that was put into place earlier that year after the assassination of the salesman of death. Aside from the completely new world around him, Jake spent most of his nights at “The Saint.”

A savvy, trendy new night club on the east side of town. Across the street stood a sushi bar and an adult movie store. The older generation frowned upon this part of town, but “The Saint” never failed to lure massive groups of youth to line up in front of its doors in hopes of experiencing musical nirvana.

It was truly a new world, cadillacs and spinners were a thing of the past. Now everyone rode around in Honda Fit’s and listened to experimental electronic music.

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