Large Intestine Lying on a Table

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When I woke up this morning the last thing that I thought that I was going to see was Large Intestines laying in front of me, with a doctor cutting into it to remove a tumor.

It was… AWESOME!

I loved my first day of OJT and I can not wait to go back. The Main OR is so huge compared to the rest of the hospital. It’s like they have their own little world up there. I loved watching the surgeries, it was amazing.

It was a pretty slow day today, and they didn’t really have anything to exciting going on. I got to sit in on a hemicolectomy which is a procedure to remove a portion of the colon. They did this because the patient had colon cancer. When they opened her up , they saw that it had spread to her Ovaries, and Liver, making it a stage 4 disease. They did a GYN consult and had the GYN docs come up and biopsy the ovaries. Then path came back ok they moved on with the procedure and closed her up.

We take an hour to close up a small excision, while they take 5 minutes using staples. Its awesome. Everything in the OR is just so much bigger, and better, and runs so much smoother, and everyone is so much more competent. Gosh I love it!

I am going back next week and hopefully will be able to see a total knee replacement and maybe even some cardio thoracic surgery??

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