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So life has been so much better for me since I have moved out into my own little place. It used to be so stressful and depressing to have to go back to the barracks every single day after work. I felt like I was never really going home from work. Since the barracks is on base it feels like I never go home.

Now things are different. I living in this charming little house just outside of base and its great. Not too far from base so the commute is not annoying, I wake up with more energy and am just happy to be alive all the time.

I am also saving tons of money, not only by cooking at home but in other ways as well. Oh. .. and the cooking is amazing. I have not cooked this much in my whole life, I forgot how much I loved cooking!

But it gets even better, last week a really good friend from work moved in and its been a riot. Housemates can either be awesome or horrible, there is no in between. And this one is awesome! We car pool to work, hang out all the time, and make sloppy joes on wed nights.

I love it. :D

Unfortunately this little dream of mine will end come April, but until then I am going to enjoy sloppy joe nights.

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